The process configuration influences its productivity and performance


The process configuration of electromagnetic will directly influence its productivity and performance. Therefore, I recommend the configuration for reference of your equipment configuration.
There are several issues to watch for the discharge opening of storage bin or funnel on the upper feeder and design of chute:
(1) The export design of storage bin or funnel should avoid directly loading the storage bin on the tank of feeder. Therefore, a chute is needed between storage bin or funnel and tank.
(2) The width B of discharge opening of storage bin or funnel must meet the following empirical formula
In the empirical formula: d— Maximum particle diameter
A—Width of material trough
(3) A valve should be installed on the discharge opening, for adjust the width of discharge opening, and close the discharge opening when checking the equipment.
(4) In order to achieve the maximum productivity of the feeder, the material trough should have a side baffle with length as same as the material trough when discharging materials with light weight, and the gap between the side baffle and trough side baffle shall be 20-40 MM.
(5) In order to ensure the normal running of the feeder, any adjunct is not slowed to fix on the material trough.
(6) Dust cloth cover can be designed between the material trough and chute, and a cover plate can be the dust shield of the chute.
The control of circuit & connection chart
(1) The entered red wire is connected to the live wire, while the black is connected to the zero line;
(2) The outgo wire can be connected to any lines;
(3) Automatically connect to the normally closed current relay

lime and limestone are used as the building materials


A large number of lime and limestone is used as the building materials and it is also the important raw material for many industries. Thelimestone crusherproduced our company that specializes in the production of mining machinery has been successfully put into production. In addition, we can provide the complete set of limestone crushing system according to the requirements of users, which includes the design consultation, technical installation, the debugging of limestone crushing system, trial production and other comprehensive service.
The limestone crusher is characterized by stable and reliable operating performance, simple process and structure and easy maintenance. It is widely used for the fine crushing of granite, basalt, limestone, river gravel, cement clinker, quartz, iron ore, bauxite and other minerals.
Limestone crusher working principle:
When the crusher is in operation, the rotor will be in high-speed rotation driven by the motor. The materials will be crushed by impacting against the plat hammer in the first crushing chamber and then the materials enter the secondary crushing chamber to be finely crushed and finally they are discharged from the discharging port.
Limestone crusher installation services
1, the operators should check the number of the parts before the installation to make sure that the components are complete and clean without damage.
2, in the installation, the fixed contact surface should be coated with the dry oil and the active surface should be coated with the thin oil.
3, thelimestone machineryshould be installed on the solid reinforced concrete foundation and the depth of the foundation can be determined according to the local geological conditions.
4, in order to avoid the accumulation of broken ore, it should have enough space in the lower part of the foundation for the installation of transportation equipment.
5, the upper part of the foundation should be covered with the back plate in order to prevent the damage of the foundation.

The new situation of global competition


Respond to the new situation of global competition, Hongxing think that China’s mining machinery should accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading and enhance the capacity of independent innovation. At the same time, in the condition of the growing complexity of the constraints of the domestic and international market environment, traditional enterprise which occupies the market based on the quantities no longer exists, and replaces by a match with unique and innovative technology.
Stimulated by the outside pressure and inside guidance, the innovative development of the crusher industry will make new breakthroughs. As a leading company in the crusher industry, Hongxing Machinery has always kept improving, actively introduced first-class technological level, paid attention to independent innovative research and development and production, and use excellent and highly efficient cone crusher , Rotary kiln , Mobile crushing station to prove our power, and at the same time, we constantly perfect and innovate the production technology and build excellent brand and we will lead the innovative development path in the future crusher industry.
In the second half of 2012, the state has promulgated a series of policies to revive the economic. After careful analysis, we can found that these projects are mostly concentrated in environmental protection field. With the development of economic globalization, the advanced production technology and scientific life philosophy were introduced into China. The awareness of domestic environmental protection is significantly increased. For Jaw crusher industry, improving the quality and yield of the equipment is the main way to win the market, but the focusing of environmental performance of the equipment will greatly increase the odds of enterprises in market competition.

Green economy is the major trend of economic development


In the middle stage of China’s industrialization, green economy is the major trend of economic development. At present, our mining machinery industry will abandon the title of machinery manufacturing and turn to machinery manufacturing power. At this stage, our crushing industry tempers and develops after long market, and releases development vitality.
In the period of’ Twelfth Five –year Plan’, it is long target of building a new socialist countryside and promoting urbanization, which is the best point of coping with the international financial crisis and also the long developing advantage for China’s machinery industry. Under the macro-control policies of’ steady growth, expanding domestic demand’, crushing industry has become one of the beneficiaries of the huge market and brought the wide development opportunity. Driven by the increasing market and economic interests, crushing enterprises invested to production heavily, aiming to seize the commanding heights of the future crushing industry market.
Wollastonite is a kind of ore material which has the good insulation and a high degree of whiteness, good dielectric properties and a high heat resistance, widely used in car, metallurgy, ceramics, and plastics etc,. At present, the wide prospect for wollastonite is engineering plastics industry, and wollastonite is as fillers and reinforcing agents for plastics and rubber industry, which replaces more and more metal parts in industrial products and has a high demand on the market.

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China is at the peak of urbanization


At Present, China is at the peak of urbanization, and the transformation of urban village is also full swing. In this process, a large amount of construction waste produced. China also becomes the largest country of construction waste in the world. For this situation it takes more long time to solve.
There are two ways to deal with construction waste. One way is to be centralized transportation processing and then bury outdoor. For this way it not only take up a lot of land, but also generate a amount of transportation costs, at the same time it is harmful to natural environment. The other is to sort construction waste and then process secondarily architectural concrete. In the other countries, it’s a cost-effective method.
The construction waste disposal develops toward re-use and sustainable development gradually. Along with various policies and regulations of the construction waste disposal improve continuously. China’s construction waste disposal will be more standardized and more efficient.

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