China is at the peak of urbanization


At Present, China is at the peak of urbanization, and the transformation of urban village is also full swing. In this process, a large amount of construction waste produced. China also becomes the largest country of construction waste in the world. For this situation it takes more long time to solve.
There are two ways to deal with construction waste. One way is to be centralized transportation processing and then bury outdoor. For this way it not only take up a lot of land, but also generate a amount of transportation costs, at the same time it is harmful to natural environment. The other is to sort construction waste and then process secondarily architectural concrete. In the other countries, it’s a cost-effective method.
The construction waste disposal develops toward re-use and sustainable development gradually. Along with various policies and regulations of the construction waste disposal improve continuously. China’s construction waste disposal will be more standardized and more efficient.

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