The process configuration influences its productivity and performance


The process configuration of electromagnetic will directly influence its productivity and performance. Therefore, I recommend the configuration for reference of your equipment configuration.
There are several issues to watch for the discharge opening of storage bin or funnel on the upper feeder and design of chute:
(1) The export design of storage bin or funnel should avoid directly loading the storage bin on the tank of feeder. Therefore, a chute is needed between storage bin or funnel and tank.
(2) The width B of discharge opening of storage bin or funnel must meet the following empirical formula
In the empirical formula: d— Maximum particle diameter
A—Width of material trough
(3) A valve should be installed on the discharge opening, for adjust the width of discharge opening, and close the discharge opening when checking the equipment.
(4) In order to achieve the maximum productivity of the feeder, the material trough should have a side baffle with length as same as the material trough when discharging materials with light weight, and the gap between the side baffle and trough side baffle shall be 20-40 MM.
(5) In order to ensure the normal running of the feeder, any adjunct is not slowed to fix on the material trough.
(6) Dust cloth cover can be designed between the material trough and chute, and a cover plate can be the dust shield of the chute.
The control of circuit & connection chart
(1) The entered red wire is connected to the live wire, while the black is connected to the zero line;
(2) The outgo wire can be connected to any lines;
(3) Automatically connect to the normally closed current relay

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