A lever for the competitiveness…

< S.L.I.M.E.O.P. > for < C.T.P.A.E.P. >

Today, in a context of sustainable development, become competitive in the agricultural sector, it’s possible !

For contribute to build tomorrow’s world … For help improve the living conditions of populations … For promote autonomous production centers of another generation … For the development of agricultural, craft and manufacturing … We give, under licensing agreements, various licenses to States, Companies or Individuals.
On this page, we have proposed for you, a very briefly presentation of an innovative logistic product concerning a strategy for the agricultural world through centers of transformations of products issued of agriculture, livestock and fishing.

You want to bring your stone to the building ? Give your opinion ? Ask a Question ? Do not hesitate! …
It’s with pleasure and with our thanks which we accept your comments, and even your divergences or your opposition … This, in the perspective of improving the axes of our researches, to take into account your remarks and to rectify, if need be, for satisfying the needs of the greatest number.

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