Green economy is the major trend of economic development


In the middle stage of China’s industrialization, green economy is the major trend of economic development. At present, our mining machinery industry will abandon the title of machinery manufacturing and turn to machinery manufacturing power. At this stage, our crushing industry tempers and develops after long market, and releases development vitality.
In the period of’ Twelfth Five –year Plan’, it is long target of building a new socialist countryside and promoting urbanization, which is the best point of coping with the international financial crisis and also the long developing advantage for China’s machinery industry. Under the macro-control policies of’ steady growth, expanding domestic demand’, crushing industry has become one of the beneficiaries of the huge market and brought the wide development opportunity. Driven by the increasing market and economic interests, crushing enterprises invested to production heavily, aiming to seize the commanding heights of the future crushing industry market.
Wollastonite is a kind of ore material which has the good insulation and a high degree of whiteness, good dielectric properties and a high heat resistance, widely used in car, metallurgy, ceramics, and plastics etc,. At present, the wide prospect for wollastonite is engineering plastics industry, and wollastonite is as fillers and reinforcing agents for plastics and rubber industry, which replaces more and more metal parts in industrial products and has a high demand on the market.

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